About Sandra

Personal Informations

Hair: Large Brown
Height: 1.75cm - 5'.9"
Eyes: Brown

Special Skills

Sport – Cycling, Swimming, Boxng, Jogging, and Yoga
Dance – Flamenco, Latin, Contemporary
Languages – Native Spanish, Neutral Accent, Fluent English
Driver's license


Los Angeles
Acting with Marjorie Ballentine

Diction with Anna Silvetti
Acting class with Roberto Huicochea

Acting in session: Improvisation.

Acting with Adán Black (2009-2011)
Master class “The Hubbard casting” (2011)
Acting for the camara and preparation to casting by Juana Martínez y Javier Ruiz Caldera (2010)
Training film for actors with Vicente Aranda (2010)
Recycling course for profesional actors by Juan Pastor (2009)
Course with Carlos Manzanares and Laura Caballero (2009)
Course at Destino Teatro (2008)
Formed in acting, voice, text and Alexander technique by Juan Pastor (2006-2008)
Graduated in Speech (2003-2006)


  • Film, Laid in America, Sam Milman, Peter Vass
  • Film, Neither feet nor head, Antonio del Real (2011)
  • Short film A neurasthenic event in Ernesto Cadorna’s life, Fernando Ronchesse
  • Short film Histories in the darkness, Alejandro Jiménez
  • Short film Do not paint the lips to yourself, Andrea V. Rovira
  • Short film Precipitated judgments, Mario Encinas
  • Short film False appearances, Hector Castillo
  • Short film The ambitious one, Oscar Horacio

  • Television

  • Model's friend, Rosewood, Fox
  • Guest Star, Noches con Platanito, Estella TV
  • Guest Star “The Taxi”: Infidelidad
  • Episode “Reina de Corazones”. Telemundo
  • Guest Star, En otra piel, TeleMundo Miami
  • Televisión, Serie HKM, Notro-Cuatro, Spain TV
  • Televisión, chapter My twin is the only daughter, Grundy-Telecinco, Spain TV
  • Pilot The barof the corner
  • Pilot Colleagues of neighborhood
  • Serie Floor 25 by Jose Luis Moreno

  • Theatre

  • Angel Acadamy, The Next Stage LA
  • “Atrapado en las Redes”, Microtheater Miami by Jose R. Perez
  • Monumental cocoa, Juan José Alonso Millán
  • The one night show, Theatre for the people, Adan Black
  • Contemporary monologues, Guindalera Theatre, Juan Pastor
  • The cat on a roof of warm zinc, Guindalera Theatre, Yolanda Robles
  • Interiors, Guindalera Theatre, Ana Salas

  • Biography

    Speech therapist, actress and model.
    Born in Malaga on March 21st; the first day of spring.

    I am very passionate about music and film, listing “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “Imagine” by John Lennon as some of my favorite tracks and motion pictures.

    A fighter and hopeless romantic, I am also a vivacious and dynamic woman, always in love with a good conversation. Joyful and Cheerful, positive but impatient, always in constant personal and professional improvement. A dreamer, simple, sensual and spontaneous.

    Downtime from work is spent with my loved ones, enjoying the fascinating stories from my favorite novels, practicing outdoor activities, travelling the world and resting.

    My favorite color is gold. Places such as New York and Thailand mesmerize me, a good plate satisfies me and the liberty of the seas transports me in the same way as the scent of a good perfume.

    Every night before going to bed, reading bedtime stories helps me disengage from the world around me, and every morning when I wake up, a small session of meditation aids me in returning to my daily routine in a peaceful fashion. I always thank life for another day with a big smile against my foggy mirror.

    I’m moved by smiles that come from deep in the soul or a simple thank you.

    A tip, “Fight for your dreams but never forget to live the moment.” “Life is short, enjoy it!” “Don’t dream a life, live it.” “ Say I love you”

    Excitement, desire and love are the strongest forces that push me in every step I take in life. “Happiness is in our destiny, we only need to listen to our soul.


    Logopeda, modelo y actriz.
    Malaguena nacida el dia de la primavera un 21 de Marzo.

    Apasionada del cine y la musica, me emociono con peliculas como “En busca de la felicidad”o canciones como “Imagine” de John Lennon.

    Luchadora, romantica, apasionada, vital y dinamica, amante de una buena conversacion. Positiva y alegre, aunque tambien tozuda e impaciente, siempre en constante desarrollo personal y professional. Sonadora, plena de naturalidad y tambien sensual.

    Ademas de mis pasiones dedico el tiempo libre a disfrutar de los mios, hacer deporte, viajar, ir de compras, leer y descansar.

    Mi color favorito el dorado. Lugares como New York, Tailandia. Me transporta el aroma de libertad del mar, el olor de un buen perfume y el sabor de un plato exquisito. Me conmueven las sonrisas que proceden del alma o un gracias asentido.

    Cada noche antes de dormir suelo leer y cada manana antes de comenzar mis quehaceres medito. Sonrio y agradezco a la vida.

    Una pauta “Lucha por tus suenos pero no olvides nunca vivir el momento presente”. Disfrutar que la vida es muy corta. “No suenes tu vida, vive tu sueno” Decir te quiero..

    La ilusion, el deseo, el amor son las fuerzas que me empujan en cada paso de mi vida. “La felicidad esta en nuestro destino solo debemos oir nuestro interior“